Szczecin Classic Academy 

International non-critical masterclass” 25 IV – 3 V 2020

Szczecin Classic Academy “International non-critical masterclass” 25 IV – 3 V 2020

Do you want to develop your skills through totally innovative artistic concept, with distinguished artists/professors and in a beautiful place?

Here is a totally new music course for you! You will not only participate in individual lessons, chamber groups and chamber ensemble, but most importantly you will have a chance to work on your program and play it together with outstanding artists, musicians and teacher of the leading artistic academies in Europe. During the course you will have an opportunity to work with several teachers of your choice. Moreover, we will teach you how to be your own menager, how to prepare an artistic portfolio, how to get ready for an audition, record and publish your own album, effectively use social media or find resources for your own artistic ideas.

We guaranty creative time through improvisation sessions, dance classes, lectures, body exercise or psychological support.

We know how to play well, deal with stage fright, strenghen your body and find the best strategy to develop your career!

Szczecin Classic Academy is a project designed for students and alumni of artistic schools and academies, for solo musicians (string instruments) as well as for already existing chamber groups (without determined instrumental set up). You can apply for the course through the application form (here).  Application and payment deadline is 10. March 2020. People over 16 years old can apply for the course

There is a limited number of places:

Violin – 14 places

Viola – 8 places

Cello – 8 places

Participation is decided upon the order of applications.

The course will take place from 25.04.2020 to 03.05.2020 in Szczecin.


Classes included in the course will take place in the Academy of Arts in Szczecin, at Plac Orła Białego 2 ans Al. Niepodległości 40.

Additional courses as well as concerts will happen in public space or concert halls of the city of Szczecin.

Course fee

The project is subsidized by the City of Szczecin.

For active participants 250 EUR (without accommodation)

This includes 2 individual lessons, at least 3 chamber music lessons, at least 3 chamber ensemble rehearsals, minimum 2 concerts with the course leaders, participation in all lectures and additional courses.

For passive participants 120 EUR (without accommodation)

This includes passive participation in all courses, active participation in lectures and additional courses

The prepayment for each participant of the course is 100 EUR. Prepayment should be made within the deadline of sending the application.

Accommodation for the whole period of the course (arrival 24 April 2019 – departure 04. May 2020):
150 EUR

The total cost for the active participant is 400 EUR

The accommodation fee should be added to the payment of the course fee.

Payment details:
Stowarzyszenie Baltic Neopolis Orchestra
ul. Wyszyńskiego 27/9 70-202 Szczecin
Account no. 70 1160 2202 0000 0003 8543 0111

Please include in the title:

If a down payment of 100 EUR is made, the transfer should be made with the note “advance payment for the course” + name and surname + instrument and the appropriate form of passive / active participation should be chosen.

In the case of payment of the remaining amount, the transfer should be made with the note “course fee” + name and surname + instrument, and choose the passive / active participation method and provide information about accommodation: with / without accommodation.

Accomodation fee

Participants who will declare the wish to use the suggested accommodation, 150 EUR/per person in double or triple rooms, for the whole period of the course will be located in the buildings of the Academy of Arts in Szczecin:

Dom Pracy Twórczej Sztukateria
Ul. Śląska 4, Szczecin
Ul. Kusnierska 13, Szczecin


You can apply for the course through the application form (here).  Application and payment deadline is 10. March 2020.

To 15. March 2020 all applicants wishing to participate in the course will receive confirmation of their participation in the email. If you do not qualify for the course, a deposit of PLN 100 EUR will be refunded to your account. If you qualify for the course and you do not pay all the course fees within the time limit, the course deposit will not be refunded. In the event that the participant wants to cancel the course after qualifying and paying the deposit, the deposit will be refunded only if a formal notice is sent by email, in which the reason for canceling the course will be a random situation. Termination must be accepted by the Organizer. The total course fee must be paid by 31. March 2020 at the latest.


phone: +48 660 326 557